Dec 20, 2007

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Wow, I can't believe how times flies the older you get. Another year is under our belt, and a lot of exciting things happened in our family this year.
Logan is now, 13, yes he is a teenager! He is growing into a handsome young man. He is a little taller than I am now and has feet as large as his fathers. He played football, baseball, travel baseball and now basketball this year. He stays busy needless to say. Some days we would pick him up from school at 2:45 take him to baseball @ 4:00-6:00 then take him to football from 6:00-7:45. He would come home eat and go to bed. I was sure glad when those days were over. He was recently made Deacons quorum president. In the midst of all this he maintains a 4.0 g.p.a. He wants to go to BYU and enter a career that makes a lot of money :)
Laton turned 10 this year and is in the 4th grade. He has had fabulous teachers these past two years. He also loves sports. He played baseball and football. He had a few interceptions throughout the season and a few quarterback sacks. He really found in niche in football. He loves to be social and would rather play than do anything else. He loves to help others, he is always offering help to anyone in need. He has a very soft heart. He is very good at entertaining little ones. They love to follow him around and play with him. He is always the first to volunteer to say a prayer and in his prayer to remember everything he is thankful for and everyone in need. So, if any of you need prayers, just call Laton. He will continue to pray for you long after you are well.
Meghan is now 6 years old and quite the tumbler. She has been tumbling for 2 years now and has mastered the front hand spring, back hand spring, front and back walkovers and running front walkovers. She is very flexible and good at what she does. She loves to practice anywhere she can. She is always flipping! She was also a cheerleader this year. She was the mascot for Laton's team, she loved the attention she got from all the older girls and loves to cheer. This year she wants to try soccer and basketball as well. She is in the 1st grade and reads like crazy. She loves to draw pictures and write letters. She is also our little cuddle bug. At night you will always find her with her blanket and ready to cuddle with any willing person. She is a master at reading scriptures.
Barry and I stay busy running kids to sports, church, school and other activities. I am so lucky to have a husband that is home around 11:00 everyday! He never misses a practice, game or any activity the kids are involved in. (He even makes it home to take the kids to the dentist)- I can only handle every other trip with Meghan, as she hates the dentist :) He is very supportive of me and our children! He is a great father and example to us.
Real Estate has been VERY slow this year! I hardly, this summer the kids and I took lots of vacations. I took Logan to Washington D.C. on an educational trip, we spent a week at Lake Shasta on a house boat, we camped at Lake Don Pedro, we went on a Cruise to Mexico, we went to Florida, and last but not least we spent a week in Idaho! We were only home 10 days throughout the summer! I loved spending that quality time with my family. I hope this note finds you well and that you have everything you stand in need of. I am thankful for this time of year and the opportunity we have to turn our thoughts to our Heavenly Father! May you all have a wonderful Holiday Season! Love, Jeanni

Dec 14, 2007

Holiday 2007

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Dec 7, 2007

Dear Santa, Define Naughty!

We all got to tell Santa what we wanted for Christmas!

Dec 2, 2007

Contents of the bag of a Primary President

I was at a friends house and "lost" my keys. Low and behold they weren't lost, they were hiding. Did you need pin?