Jul 31, 2009

EFY Ogden Utah

Logan was able to attend EFY (Especially for Youth) this year in Ogden Utah. It was
held at Weber State University. He went with some of his good friends- Logan Conner, Zane Veater & Jacob Gauthier. EFY is a youth camp sponsored by our church. During the week they do lots of different activities including scripture study, testimony meetings & DANCES!!! Logan had a blast and told me it was a great experience! He can't wait until next year. I am so glad he was able to have this faith building experience. His favorite part of EFY was the testimony meeting. He and others had a chance to share their beliefs and feelings. He was very touched by this. I am grateful for every opportunity my children have to feel the spirit!
These are some group pictures that some of his friends took. Logan didn't take a camera and if he had I am sure it would have stayed in the suitcase. Logan is in the dark blue shirt

Logan- top left

Logan and Zane in the front- throwing a pose :)

Jul 30, 2009

Jaidyn's First Tooth

Jaidyn had a hard time the first few days of our trip. I thought she might be teething as she had had a temperature for about 10 days. Low and behold- on Tuesday- July 21st her first tooth popped through. She immediately seemed to feel better! Thank goodness. Yesterday her second tooth made an appearance! I can't believe she will be 1 next week. :(

More Fun Lake Pics

Taylor Ann tearing it up!
Dallin getting some air

The three boys knee boarded at the same time- I didn't get
pics but Logan and Cody also wake boarded at the same time.
It was pretty impressive.

Jessica looks like a Roxy model here
Laton jumping the wake

Unfortunately I didn't get pics of all the kids wake boarding. They were all having a blast wake boarding, wake surfing and knee boarding.

Jul 29, 2009

Yes- More Fun in Lake Tulloch

Getting some sun
Landon with Derrik- Landon was a big fan of Derriks facial hair

Sweet Siblings

Tyler with Jared- Tyler was such a great help with the babies. She toted them around all day long :) They loved all her attention.

Jaidyn helping dad clean the fishing boat

Cynthia & Derrik at dinner
Jaidyn and Jared playing chase


Meghan having a great time

Jessica and Tanner

Jaidyn, Landon and Jared- we had them posing for pictures!

Look at that beautiful complexion on that baby- yes John on you too!

Two cute girls!

I love how this picture looks dusky.

Landon loves the babies. He put Jaidyn to sleep here.

Me and my favorite teenage girl!!!
Cody and Joseph soaking up the sun

For some reason boys don't like to take pictures with their mothers???

We said Taylor Ann's name to get Logan to smile :)

Nancy and Taylor Ann ( We didn't even have to try to make her smile)

Jessica is such a great help with Jared

Landon loved being in the water! He had no fear.

Dallin & Weston after a wild tube ride

Lake Tulloch Part 2- The ROPE Swing

Here are some great pictures from our adventures at the rope swing. We have found 2 different locations where the kids like to play on the swing. You can see from the pictures one is much higher than the other. Everyone (including Jill & I) jumped this year! I should also add to the list the 3 babies! The little girls were coaxed into jumping!!! They actually had an easier time taking the plunge than I did. Barry- he is always goofing off and doing some trick. I believe he was doing a flip here.
Logan and Cody ran down the hill and swung out together. I was holding my breath!

This was Meghans first turn. She got scared so Trent had her hold onto him and swing out.

Meghan jumping on her own.

Derrik fixing to go.

Laton attempting to swing out and do a backflip

Barry trying to do a double backflip- he did a single- Trent did a double.

Jill with her gymnast form!

Their were 5 of these pictures. This is me hesitating- hmmm go figure!

Ashlyn jumping- she looks just like her mama!


Jul 27, 2009

Lake Tulloch Part 1- Tube Rides

Trent and Nancy are always game for a good time.
Landon loved the tube rides and water this year

Laton and Weston are fearless- you always see the thumbs up from them

Barry and Trent and their annual tube ride! They
will both tell you this is one of their favorite things about
the lake trips! They have a blast the entire time they are out there.
Nancy and I try our hardest to buck them off :0

Get ready boys!!!

Thumbs up from the pro tubers! I can remember a
few years back when they had to be coerced to ride the tube.
We would ask them if they wanted to tube today or tomorrow- they
would usually choose tomorrow- but none the less they would tube.
Now they are the first to raise their hands to take a turn.

Hold on!

OH MY GOSH! They got some air! Nancy had them jumping the wake!

Looks like they are ready for a roller coaster ride. Jenna-
is your life vest on correctly?

What would a lake trip be without tube rides? The kids- and Adults enjoyed taking lots of crazy tube rides.
This is our second year going to Lake Tulloch for a summer vacation. We rented a house on the lake with the Gauthiers, Bracketts & Tilbys. 3 Great Families to have fun with. Between us we have 18 kids- WOW- I would have to say we are all breeders :) We all have children of similar ages and interests. They all have a great time goofing around. By the end of the week we had two popped tubes from all the pounding.