May 30, 2009

Laton- Clean up Hitter!

Laton has been hitting really well the past few weeks. I don't think I have seen him not get on base in the last 4 or 5 weeks. Today when we got to the baseball field I noticed Laton was batting 4th. The team we were playing had a great pitcher. He struck three boys out in the first inning. Laton struck out in the second and his second time up struck out as well- but only after using up about 15 of the pitchers pitches. We went to eat after the game and I asked Laton "?What happened, you were clean up hitter today." He said "I cleaned up, I said no you didn't you struck out." He said "after the game I took the stuff out of the dugout for the coach and got all my stuff cleaned up!" I had to explain to Laton what clean up batter meant. :)

May 19, 2009

Special Hands :)

This last weekend we had a special Stake Conference. Elder Bednar came and spoke. He is such a great speaker and I love to hear him. He always has such a powerful message for all. He started out by addressing all of the non-members that were there. He then went on to give us all such a wonderful message of Heavenly Fathers' love for all of us and our Agency. In the middle of the Conference, right before Bednar was to speak, the fire alarm went off. The entire building had to be cleared before they would reset the alarm. While we were waiting Laton went and walked around with some friends. They saw Elder Bednar and went over and shook his hand. Laton came back and was so excited to tell us the news. After the conference was over Logan said- "I will meet you at the car." Little did we know that he was going to see if he could shake Elder Bednars hand as well. He was able to get a handshake also. I was so happy to hear that my boys thought that was the highlight of the conference to be able to shake an apostles hand. This picture is of Logan and Laton shaking hands.
On a side note- we asked the kids what they had learned at conference. Logan and Meghan told us something they had learned. When we got to Laton he had to think for a minute then he said "He started to tell a story about a girl with a weird name and how people weren't nice to her- and then I don't remember what else he said because it made me think about a story I heard at Generel Conferece and I was thinking of that the rest of the time." He did remind us of the story he had heard at G.C. so we knew he wasn't bluffing. Barry and I laughed- at least he was thinking about another talk from General Conference and not something else- like picking daisies on the baseball field. :)

WARNING- this may be TMI

Barry was filling the mop bucket at work and the hose slipped and hit his foot. This is what happens when really hot water hits your skin. His skin kind of sluffed off. Make sure you check your hot water heaters settings. We had no idea ours was set as high as it was. This picture was taken 5 days after it happened- it actually looks alot better in this picture than when it originally happened. I couldn't stomach to look at it at first.

May 10, 2009

Patriotic Girls!

Meghan and Kylie wanted me to record them singing songs the other night. They did really well, I was surprised how many songs they knew.

May 8, 2009

Happy 9 Month Birthday to Jaidyn

Jaidyn turned 9 months old on the 6th. I can't believe she is almost 1. The time has flown by. We went for her doctors appt. yesterday and she is 14.11 lbs (3%) and is 27 in. long (25%). She is growing- slowly- but growing :) She is learning so many fun and new things like peek-a-boo, bye-bye, and waba-waba! She babbles all the time and loves to see her siblings when they come home from school- we always sing- oh, where, oh, where, oh, where is....... right before she sees them so she knows when I sing that song, someone will be popping in soon. She starts kicking and waving her arms in excitement. We still have set turns for each of the kids as to when it is their time to hold her, as the newness still hasn't worn off. Here is a cute video of her on her 9th month b-day.

May 5, 2009

Our California Trip

The boys had a break in baseball games this weekend, so we decided to take a trip to Ca. We drove through a blizzard to get there. We left here about 7:15 and got into Turlock around 1:30 a.m. We stayed with the Tilby's and visited with friends. We didn't get to see very many people, but will be back soon to finish the rounds. We really enjoyed seeing everyone. We got to go to church in our old ward and visit our old neighbors. We miss everyone so much! Jared and Jaidyn- sooo sweet
It started like this.............

And ended like this. Landon got Jared in a headlock. Notice the dads are in the background laughing and Jaidyn is looking the other way.

Yummy food at the Gauthiers


Dalin let Jaidyn bang on the piano and she thought that was pretty neat.

I played with this photo on pik nik. Thought it turned out cute.

Kissy, kissy! They grabbed ahold of each other and kissed. I wait can't wait until they are older to show this pic to them.

Kinsley played mommy with Brody and Jaidyn

Jaidyn and Brody

Tanner was so cute with Jaidyn. He was so soft and careful. She loved to have him hold her.

What a cutie!! Brody was all smiles.

Jaidyn loved jumping in the Johnny Jumper! Nancy let us borrow it- thanks!

Landon and Jaidyn playing with the barn.

May 4, 2009

T.J. & Sunny's Visit

Laton got a bouncing top for his birthday. He and T.J. had a contest to see who could get it the highest. Laton won!
T.J. just chillin'

T.J. stretched out Logans throwing arm

Kalin swinging

T.J. playing ball with the boys

Meghan & Kalin

Kalins first owie

Kalin would take Meghans sucker and take a suck and give it back. T.J. had to look away.

Notice Kalin is wearing Jaidyns bib :) He fell asleep eating.

Sunny & Jaidyn

Kalin and Jaidyn playing together

T.J. "watching" Kalin

T.J. loving on Jaidyn

Jaidyn thinking she is a big girl standing up.

T.J and Sunny took a trip to Southern California and Monterey for Spring Break. They decided to come home our way when they were heading home. We were so excited as we love to spend time with them. I was telling a friend on the phone tonight how lucky I was to have 4 wonderful sister-in-laws. :) We had a lot of fun with them. Kalin is getting sooo big. He gets into everything. Jaidyn wanted to keep up with him so bad. We were sad to see them go. They actually stayed an extra day! I have been lucky to be able to see so many of my family members this year.

Happy Birthday Laton and Barry

We were out of town on Laton's birthday and Barry's birthday was 2 days after we got home. We decided to have a birthday party for both of them the same night. Laton got a new bow and alot of cool toys. Barry got the usual- cologne- and some other small things. Jaidyn was very intrigued by the candles.