Aug 30, 2009

Goodbye to the Ross Family! :(

Laton and Cameron right before they left to move to IdahoKylie and Meghan
Laton & Cameron having one last sparring match
Sarah, Meghan and Kylie
We will miss the Ross Family!

Aug 28, 2009

Arm Wrestling with Aunt Cynthia

This is Dakota, Logans friend, smiling as Logan kicked my butt in arm wrestlingCynthia beat Dakota - He gave it a good try though
Cynthia almost beat Logan- he pulled through after about 3 minutes.
She barely beat Meghan :)
She let Laton think he could win, before taking him down.
Who would think this tiny 53 year old grandma could be so strong?

Aug 26, 2009

Wrestling with Dad

Barry likes to occasionally remind everyone in the house that he is still the king. I don't think it will be long before Logan gives him a real run for his money.

Sunday Naps!

Jaidyn and her Sunday afternoon naps. She rarely makes it home
from church awake.

Aug 25, 2009

Football---- Football and a little Cheer

Meghan cheering at her first game/ My Sister-In-Law, Cynthia with Laton right before his scrimmage gameLaton weighed in at 89 lbs!
Logan playing safety @ his scrimmage game
Logan with his teammates
The boys listening to the coach

Aug 24, 2009

First Day of School :) :(

Today is the first day of school for our children. I feel sad and happy at the same time. I will miss them dearly during the day, but am thankful that they will be learning the things they need to know. I love having my children home, but know that they need to go to school. It seems like we just got out for the summer and now they are returning to the school year. The time seems to go much to quickly. This is when I tell myself that it is o.k. because we have eternity to spend together!!

I didn't get any pictures of Logan as he was out the door at 6:15 for seminary. I barely had time to make him a lunch and tell him I loved him! Then it was Latons turn to get ready for middle school. Last but not least it was Meghans turn. My schedule for the kids will be busy to say the least! Logan goes to seminary @ 6:30 everyday. Laton goes to middle school which starts @ 7:30 and Meghan is at Riverview Elementary which starts @ 8:50. Then..... Laton gets out @ 2:07, Meghan gets out @ 3:15 and Logan gets done with football practice @4:30. Laton has football from 5:00-7:00 and Meghan has cheer from 5:00-6:00. WHEWW!!! I didn't mention that Meghans school is about a 12 minute drive from the middle/high school and they all practice at different places! I do look forward to all the fun football games though. Later I will post pictures from the first scrimmage games they had!

Aug 23, 2009

Carson City Childrens Museum

Karissa & Jaidyn
Abbie & Cynthia playing air hockey

Karissa flyin a flight simulator
Abbie playing bank teller
Abbie exploring the sand and shells exhibit

Meghan & I playing the full size piano
Their were mirrors that distorted you in all different ways.
Cynthia & I laughed and laughed!!!

This one made us look like we were munchkins
from the Wizard of Oz

Cynthia helping Meghan climb the wall.

Jaidyn pushing around the medical cart.

Cynthia & Jaidyn on the piano

My Sister-In-Law, Cynthia and two of her children Abbie and Karissa came for a visit from Idaho. We had a blast. Our days were packed with fun. These are pictures from the day we spent at the Childrens Museum.

Aug 21, 2009

Fun With the Dayley Family

ready to rise

sprinkle, sprinkle

American Idol here we come! We had quite a few
concerts from these two.
Looks like fun :)


How did James get roped into this???

The amazing fish tanks- I sware my kids could spend hours here.

Buried Alive

Some of our favorite members of the Mortenson family came to visit. Jenny, James and their family came from Idaho and Kristin, Rob and their family came from Utah. We are lucky to live near one of their cousins in Dayton. It was kind of like a family reunion. We have always felt like the Mortensons were family :) We had a fun-filled week. We went to Lake Tahoe on day- The weather did not co-operate at all. It was windy and cold. The boat stayed tied up to a buoy the entire day :( We spent one day in Sparks at Scheels. Of course we had a great time there. We probably looked like we were running a daycare with all the kids. We tried the lake once again going to Lahonton but once again the weather did not cooperate! We were there maybe 15 minutes before packing up and going home. It was literally 15 degress cooler and it is only 20 minutes away. None the less we had a great time with their families. Jenny and I took a try at making the famous Mortenson Cinnamon Rolls. We did pretty well. Everyone enjoyed eating them!