Jan 28, 2008

Causing much sadness, President Gordon B. Hinckley has passed away. Our prayers and thoughts are with his family at this time. He was a great man and led an inspirational life.

Jan 20, 2008

Baby Landon and Meghan

We babysat Landon and the kids took numbers so we knew when it was time to "change guards." We love to have a baby in our home! Especially sweet ones :)

We also took the opportunity to poke a little fun at Trent and Nancy and dress Landon Like a girl. Good thing his dad is a Therapist!

Jan 9, 2008

Jarem playing in the snow

Our view from the cabin we rented.

Happy New Year!

We had a blast over New Years with my family. Eric and Rozanne came with their children, who we haven't seen in a few years. Jared came from Arizona. T.J. and 8 month pregnant Sunny came from Utah. We missed Aimee and Kyles families. We had a lot of good laughs and great times building lasting memories.