Jun 20, 2009

Jaidyn- 10 months old!

I finally had Jaidyns' pictures taken! So sad it took me 10 months. We have a wonderful photographer in our ward in Dayton. She was so fun to do pictures with. We are going to have family pictures done in August. I can't wait.

Jun 19, 2009

Eagle Court of Honor

Logan giving out his mentor pins.
Thanking Ed for being a great leader.

Thanking Cheri for helping him stay on task.
Barry got to put the Eagle Slide

I got to pin his Eagle pin on his shirt.

My great friend Lisa made this cake for the boys. She is amazing.

Logans' guest sign in area.

Aunt Heidi with Jaidyn.

These are shadow boxes that Ken Jensen made for the boys.

Logan earned his Eagle Scout Award back in Oct. of last year. We were in the middle of moving and trying to get settled, so we didn't have time to do his Court of Honor. This weekend we went to California and had his Ceremony. We held the Court of Honor with 2 other Eagle Scouts from our previous Troop, Lance Selee and Tyler Johns. It was a very nice ceremony and we had a great turn out! Thank you to all who came and we missed those of you who couldn't make it! We are very proud of Logan and his accomplishment! Now we are working on Laton :)

Jun 6, 2009

Ziploc Omelets!

I saw this on "A Pinch of This... A Pinch of That Blog" What a great idea. I can't wait to try!

This works great! Good for when all your family is together. The best part is that no one has to wait for their special omelet
1. Have guests write their name on a quart-size Ziploc freezer bag with permanent marker.
2. Crack 2 eggs (large or extra-large) into the bag (not more than 2) shake to combine them.
3. Put out a variety of ingredients such as: cheeses, ham, onion, green pepper, tomato, hash browns, salsa, etc.
4. Each guest adds prepared ingredients of choice to their bag and shakes. Make sure to get the air out of the bag and zip it up.
5. Place the bags into rolling, boiling water for exactly 13 minutes [we did 15 minutes]. You can usually cook 6-8 omelets in a large pot. For more, make another pot of boiling water.
6. Open the bags and the omelet will roll out easily.

Be prepared for everyone to be amazed. Nice to serve with fresh fruit and coffee cake; everyone gets involved in the process and a great conversation piece.

Jun 5, 2009

Say Prayers!

We have been showing Jaidyn how to fold her arms during prayers over the last week. Last night during family prayer I noticed Jaidyn had her arms folded. I made the pssst sound for Barry to look. We both just smiled. After Laton finished praying he said, "Hey, that is annoying when you make that noise when I pray." Once I told him why I had made the noise he understood. Tonight as soon as I put Jaidyn in her chair for dinner she folded her arms. She also folds her arms now when you have some kind of food she wants (Latons pic.) She wanted Laton's oreo! Our hearts just melt when she learns these fun new things.

Sneaking Sips

Meghan has been sneaking sips of her soda to Jaidyn. I couldn't figure out why Jaidyn would make this snorting sound and scrunch her nose every time I had a drink. Well now I know why!!! My little soda lover!

White Knuckles

Logan has been begging to drive. We like to take a back road home from town. It is called River Road. It runs along the river. It never fails, we always seem to see some sort of wildlife be it deer, turkey, quail, or geese. Their usually isn't much traffic, so I decided to let him give it a try. I was surprised at how well he did. This summer it will be drivers-ed and then he will start driving.

Good Citizen Award!

Laton graduated from 5th grade yesterday. It amazes how they graduate from kindergarden, 5th grade, 8th grade and then high school. That is alot of graduations! Laton was awarded the Citizen of the month for June. We are so proud of him for his hard work. Great job Laton!

My MVP (Offensive Player of the Year)

Logan finished his baseball season for the high school, and was awarded the MVP offensive award. He had the highest batting average (.625), led the team in singles and was second in doubles. He had a great season. He played JV and Varsity ball this year. He didn't get in enough games to letter, but that will come next year. Right now he is playing for a 16-18 year old team that travels. He plays against college boys- needless to say he sees some very fast pitching. The high school varsity coach is his coach for this team. He has most of the boys that will play on his varsity team next year on this team. Logan is also playing for the All-Star 13-14 year old team. So- he is very busy with his baseball schedule.

Who is this???????????

Logan had promised us he would cut his hair after school got out. Today was the last day of school and I held him up to his promise. We decided I would try to cut it first and if I messed it up we would take him somewhere to have it cut. I have to say I did a pretty good job. And I might add- I have a really handsome young man! He looks so much older.

Jun 2, 2009

Our Song!

Meghan and Kylie right before they sang.
Meghan and Kylie participated in the schools' talent show today. They sang a Taylor Swift song- "Our Song" I thought they did really well. I was so glad that she had the nerve to get up there. They went first and my stomach was nervous for them.

Here is the video of them singing.

Jump! Jump!

On Memorial Day we went over to some friends house for a barbecue. Logan took Jaidyn on the trampoline to jump around. She loved every minute of it!