May 15, 2010

Cancun FUN!!! Days 1-3

Our first night at dinner
This is where Barry really wishes we were going :)
Ready for take-off

Day 1: We flew out of the Reno Airport @ 6:15 am. We barely made it to our gate- they were closing it 3 minutes after we checked in. We had allowed plenty of time to get to the airport we just ran into trouble getting Johns' F650 into the parking lot. We literally had 1 inch on either side of the tires when we were driving through the ticket gate! We flew into LA and had a 2 1/2 hour layover. We had been sent tickets to wait in the Alaska Boardroom while we waited. This made for a really nice layover. They had complimentary WiFi, food, beverages and comfortable places to relax. We got into Cancun at around 4:30 and were promptly taken to the resort. The first room they put us in had 2 queen beds, so I requested being moved to a room with a king. We also moved closer to where the Tilbys room would be when they checked in. We had a nice quiet dinner and started planning our week. We were blessed to have free international calls from our room, so we took full advantage of that and called away. It was nice to hear my kids voices while we were away. I had withdrawals the first night and felt really homesick and wanted to fly home. This was the first time I had been away from Jaidyn, and when she said "I miss you" it melted my heart

Nancy bought this sundress and hat downtown at the marketAfternoon swim
Day 2: We stayed in the Moon Palace Resort- where we are members. It is an all inclusive resort. Included in our stay Barry and I each received a massage, manicure and pedicure. Barry was all for the massage, but very hesitant about the manicure and pedicure. He was a good sport though and went along for a good time. This was my first time getting a massage and I really enjoyed it. The spa was wonderful- such a relaxing treat.

Dinner @ Beach Palace outdoor Steakhouse

After we were pampered we went to check to see if Trent and Nancy had arrived yet. They had, but the resort would not tell us what room they were in. We had to call their room and ask. First I should explain that this trip was a total surprise to Trent. He only knew they were going on a vacation, he didn't know where or that we were going to be there. So, when I called the room Nancy answered and I had to ask what room they were in. Nancy had a hard time pulling this off- when I asked what room she was in she told me I should know if I was calling from the front desk. I told her to pretend we were planners coming to show them around. Finally she gave me a room number and we were off to find them. Unluckily, she told us the wrong room number and Barry and I went to two different rooms before we decided to go back to our room and call again. When we got to our room we had a message from Nancy telling us what room they were in, so off we were again. When we knocked on the door, Barry was speaking in Spanish saying Senor Tilby I have something for you. The look on Trents face was priceless when he opened the door. He had the biggest grin on his face and looked confused. Later he told us he thought he was back in California and couldn't figure out how we got there. What a great start to a fabulous vacation. We didn't waste anytime resting. Trent and Nancy had taken a red eye flight the night before and flown all night. They hit the ground running. However, you will see in future posts that Nancy did make up for some lost sleep :) We went down to the planning desk and planned out our week. We decided for dinner we would take one of the shuttles over to the strip and have dinner at the Beach Palace. We had been told this resort had been destroyed by Katrina and was totally rebuilt. We had the shuttle drop us off at the flea market and we did a little shopping before walking back to the Beach Palace for dinner. We ate at the outdoor Steakhouse. The food was delicious!!! The scenery was superb, the slight breeze was wonderful and the company was top notch :)

Day 3: Chichen Itza or Chicken Pizza as Nancy would say. We got up early and went for a buffet breakfast before leaving on our excursion. The ride to Chichen Itza was about 3 hours- time to catch up on sleep (Nancy). We had a great tour guide that told us many stories and about the history of Chichen Itza on the ride over. He visited the sink hole and enjoyed some shopping while we were there. Nancy and I had some fun with the locals and gave them a taste of their own medicine. We had each bought little wooden drums while we were there and when vendors would come up to us to try to sell us something we would try to sell back our drums to them. They all seemed to get a good chuckle and stopped following us once they realized what we were doing. We didn't get back until around 6:00, so we got dressed for dinner and went to the Brazilian restaurant. It was amazing!!! I have never eater Brazilian food before and now I am in love! The chicken was the best I have ever eaten. We decided to go for a swim after dinner and got kicked out of the pool after only about 20 minutes of swimming. The water was so warm we couldn't resist! We went back to our room and played games until the early hours of the morning. And no need to ask, the girls won :) Barry wasn't up to par- he had a bad stomach.

May 14, 2010

Utah Trip

TJ getting his diploma
Lyla Jean on her blessing day

Sunny and Lyla

Sunny and I

Dad and Colette

Jayden picking flowers

Kalin and Jaidyn

Bill Zickgraf and Dad- Great Friends (Bill introduced my parents to the church- baptized my parents and blessed me)

Heather and I- Not a complete visit without my Heather fix :)

Such a good daddy! And handsome too!

Nice touch!

Coming out of the temple.

Addie and I

Meghan playing mommy and holding Lyla

Jaidyn giving her a pacie

We went to Utah for a long weekend and lots of fun festivities! We got in Thursday night, we picked up dad and Colette at the Salt Lake Airport on our way in. We stayed in Provo at the Hampton. Dad, Colette, Jared and Aubrey stayed there as well. It was right down the street from TJ and Sunnys place. Friday morning, bright and early, we went to BYU for TJ's graduation. He had quite a few people graduating with him. We saw the Stiles while we were there, they had a son graduating with TJ. (small world). TJ was one of only a few to get accepted to a graduate program. Not only did he get accepted, but he got accepted to The University of Florida YEA!!! He is very excited and we are very proud of him. After graduation, we went to Chick-fil-a for lunch- I haven't been there since living back east so it was a big treat! Friday night we all hung out at TJ and Sunnys house. Saturday morning we all loaded up and went to Salt Lake City for Dad and Colettes sealing. They were sealed in the Salt Lake Temple at 2:00. It was a beautiful day. We had a picnic at a park close to the temple afterwards. Bill and Marla were able to come for the sealing, it was nice to see them. After the picnic we went to the Joseph Smith movie, which was very moving. What a great day! Sunday morning we went to TJ and Sunnys ward, they blessed their new baby girl, Lyla Jean. She is beautiful and TJ gave her a beautiful blessing! We had a quick lunch at their house afterwards and then we had to head out. I dropped Dad and Colette off at the airport and drove home. Fabulous Weekend!!