Aug 18, 2011


Do you read NieNie? If you don't, you should! If you ever feel sorry for yourself or like you can't handle what is on your plate? Read NieNie and you will appreciate your trials and welcome all that is thrown your way. So, when you have a little time and you would like to be uplifted read NieNie;) Make sure you go back and read from early on....
I should have been re-reading NieNie when I was in the middle
of my move;)

It is Stat Time Again

Just took all my kids in for physicals and here are the stats:
Logan~17 years 1 month
Height~ 6'1"~~ 92nd percentile
Weight ~141lbs.~~ 46th percentile

Laton~ 14 years 4 months
Height~ 5'7 1/2"~~ 73rd percentile
Weight~ 106lbs. 30th percentile

Meghan~ 9 years 11 months
Height~ 4'8 1/2"~~ 80th percentile
Weight~ 74lbs.~~ 55th percentile

Jaidyn~ 3years
Height~ 37"~~ 52nd percentile
Weight ~26.5 lbs.~~ 10th percentile

I know you all probably want to hear Barry and I's stats as well~
but that will have to wait for another day~ I am feeling a little bloated;)

Aug 17, 2011

Logan Turns 17!!!!

I can't believe Logan is 17! How time flies. I remember the day he was born, I didn't know what I was having and when the doctor told me I had a boy, I was thrilled!!! He was such a sweet baby~ slept all night~ hardly ever cried. He was truly  a blessing to our family. In a little over a year he will be heading to college, I do not look forward to that day.
Things we love about Logan:
His stellar ability to kill anything in site! Seriously he is a great shot!
He uses good language~ I have been told by many of his friends that he never cusses.
He is a good friend
He never talks bad about others
He treats girls with respect
He is athletic
                                                 He develops his talents

He is smart
He is Handsome;)
We are blessed to have Logan in our family!

Aug 16, 2011


Darn~ I have been desperatly neglecting my blog lately! I have been oh, so busy trying to get my feet planted on the ground. It seems like every day I find 10 things that need to be done, do those and find 10 more! I must catch up at some point ~right? Well, at least I'm trying;) So, this morning I was thinking about people that inspire me, all in different ways. Decided I wanted to do a shout~out to all those that do inspire me, I remember different people for different things at different times in my life. Don't think you don't inspire me if your name isn't mentioned, all my friends and family inspire me in some way~ or you wouldn't be in my life;)
So, here it goes.....
Kara Veater~ you inspire me to be a better mom~ kinder and with more patience
Nancy Tilby~ you inspire me to look for the best in every situation, and realize I CAN do it and with a good attitude
Heather Nelson~ you inspire me to do whatever it takes to be a better mom, even though it might make things harder at the time
Kristy Falke~ you inspire me to try to be kind to everyone! That sweet, gooey kind of niceness that makes everyone feel loved and important
Katy Gardner~ you inspire me to create and to use my talent as you do~ also to reach outside my comfort zone, and you know.....
Sunny Bass~ you inspire me to be truly Christlike in all I do
Marie Hyer~ you inspire me to see the beauty in all things
Jill Gauthier~ you inspire me to always look for ways to help other people and do something, even small, to lighten someones load
Heather Neimi~ you inspire me to follow what I know is right
Cindy McFarland~ you inspire me to look for and make new friends~ everyone needs a friend like you;)
Marilyn Mortenson~ you inspire me to never judge and love everyone
Cynthia McCurdy~ you inspire me to always be looking for ways to help others
Cynthia Brackett~ you inspire me to always be who I am~ even if someone doesn't like that;)
Kelly Day~ you inspire me to always wear a smile:)
Pat Hansen~ you inspire me to be a fabulous grandma (when the time comes)*
Lisa Graham~ you inspire me to have fun~ and laugh!
Hillary Rowe~ you inspire me to remember how important family is and staying in touch
Janine Stafford~ you inspire me to make everyone feel welcome and loved around me
Sarah Ternus~ you inspire me to be FUN!
Deonne Culala~ you inspire me to stay in shape
Jenny Dayley~ you inspire me to never give up and always realize those around me~ true potential
Kaye Jones~ you inspire me to be loyal~ to family and friends!
Lynette Williams~ you inspire me to be Christlike and the nicest person on earth~ which I think you are!
Taylor Ann~ you inspire me to be loveable~ so loveable that you want to be my daughter in law someday~ heheheh
Jessica/ Taylor Veater~ you inspire me to get my camera out more and capture the beauty in all things
Jenni Workman~ you inspire me to always be a missionary
Mom, Dad, Eric, Aimee, Kyle, Jared and TJ~ you inspire me in many great ways! I am the person I am today because of the great influence you have been in my life. I realize all your strengths and want to be able to be more like you in those ways.
So, don't be offended if I didn't mention you,
I only have a short time to myself to journal this;)
The kids are trying to cook bacon and I don't want the house
to burn down!
Please know that I love all my friends and family and
admire you for your talents and strengths!