Jul 28, 2010

Lake Don Pedro July 2010

We spent Logans birthday in California at Lake Don Pedro. One of our favorite places to boat. We had a great week. Logan was able to hang out with some of his buddies from Ca. and we got to catch up with our friends. The kids all had a blast. Jaidyn was entertained by Jared and Landon. She loved them both. Meghan got to have sleep-overs with Jocelyn, Ashlyn and Jenna. Laton got to pal around with Weston and Dallin. (He tried to hang with the girls as well, but they weren't interested :)
Ty, Logan and Jacob
Jaidyn and Jocie drinking Pepsi
Logan and Logan
Happy 16th Birthday!
Landon and Bish
Jaidyn showing some love :)
Wild Tube Rides
Calm tube rides
Laton Wakeboarding
Nancy and Taylor Ann
Jared was a little camera shy
Taylor Ann Wakesurfing
Tyler, wakesurfing
LandonNancys wild hairLogan jumping the wake

Dallin jumpingJacob jumping

Sunscreen anyone?

Logan was determined to do a backflip this year on the wakeboard, he gave it a good try and almost landed it, but not quite.


Jul 25, 2010

EFY Provo 2010 July 19-24

Logan had a great time at EFY this year. He got into Provo- YEA! He definitly wants to try to get in next year as well. He was in the ASL group, so he had some deaf people in his group. He was a little worried about that at first, but it ended up being a great experience. He learned to sign the scripture theme (Joshua 1:9) and received a sticker that says I love you in sign language. When he was standing in front of the deaf girls to pass off the scripture he accidently signed naked instead of thine and the girls giggled and told him he was signing naked. He was a little embarrassed but got a good laugh afterwards. He met a few girls that he would love to take out on a date, I think he and Zane might take a road trip out and see some friends. I am all for those long distance girlfriends you only see once or twice a year. :) I took a few pics of Zane cutting Logans hair. They told Logan his hair was a little long and that he needed to trim it if he wanted to attend. Zane did a great job! Logan had a great counselor and thought he rocked!!! I am so thankful for this faith building experience he was able to have.