Feb 27, 2010

Blog to Book

I just made my blog into a book with Heritage Makers. It is my first attempt so I am sure I will figure out things I want to change for next time. I can't wait for it to come in the mail. It will be like Christmas. Right now I am also doing a life history book on my grandma, my mom, Barrys dad and my dad. I have enjoyed learning things about all of them that I didn't know. The great thing about HM is that once the book is published, it is there, so in 20 years if one of my children wanted a copy of the this blog book they would be able to go online and order one. I am sure at one point they will all want copies of the books. You can click on the book and view the different pages.

Feb 23, 2010

Proof in Prayers

Thanks to all of you who prayed for THIS sweet family. Their little boy who drown in the bathtub and was dead for at least 12 minutes (from what they can best calculate), has made a full recovery and is now back home! Yea! God is GOOD, and does answer prayers. He even walked out of Primary Childrens Hospital on his own!!!

Feb 18, 2010

Birthday Fun

Emily and I are almost birthday twins. Our friend Katy made this adorable cake for us
to enjoy at our birthday lunch. She is a talented cake decorator.
Thanks for the cake Katy, and thanks to Stacy for the great b-day lunch- and thanks to everyone that came to enjoy our day with us!

Feb 17, 2010

My Valentine

We were out of town for Valentines/ My Birthday. We spent a long weekend in Tahoe with our great friends, the Tilbys. I had wanted to write a post about my Valentine before I left but ran out of time, so I decided better do it now.
-Things I adore about Barry!
stats- 6'1"- 150 lbs
-beautiful blue eyes
-hair- none :)
-calls me JJ or "my love"
-calls me everyday to chat
-kisses me goodnight
-works hard
-loves his children
-serves the Lord
-knows that when I say- "don't get me anything for Valentines
Day" really means- I am getting you something so don't forget about me.
-will rent love movies for us to watch even though he doesn't like them.
-smiles at me
-would rather wear cowboy boots
-goes camping with me in civilized places- even though camping to him
is out in the middle of nowhere.
-helps me be a better person
-tells me when I am wrong- even though this hasn't happened yet- and I
told him I would let him know when it does.
-makes me laugh
-his humor
-his kindness and willingness to help others
-is usually dirty- but cleans up nicely
-tells me I am a good mom
-realizes when I have had a bad day.
-tells me when I have bad breath
-makes sure I always have gas in my car
-has NO clue the difference between a wedge and stiletto
-only wears Wranglers
-takes a bath everyday- no showers
-watches my dumb reality shows even though he hates them
-is a good cook- greasy but good
-makes others feel comfortable and welcome in our home
-loves my friends
-loves my family
-loves the outdoors- I am learning to
-takes our boys hunting and fishing
-teaches our boys how to be a mans man
-doesn't complain when I spend too much money
-does the laundry when he is home
-fixes everything
-can jimmy rig anything
-is kind hearted
-is a very rugged man
-knows that Jaidyn has turned him into a total softy- and loves it
-supports me
-makes fun of me in a good way
-has a southern accent- even though he has never lived in the South
-chews gum
-is a cowboy
-wants to live on a ranch one day
-Runs the kids around as often as he can
-does things for me- when he knows I don't want to do them
-is as smart as Survivorman
Yep- this is my valentine- all mine!
love you hunny!

Feb 8, 2010

My baby went to Nursery today!

I can't believe Jaidyn is old enough to go to nursery,
I couldn't wait until she was able to go so I didn't have to worry about
her on Sundays,
but after dropping her off on Sunday- I wanted to
go back and pick her up! She hardly cried when I left her :(
When I went to get her she was all smiles! Barry went and checked on
her 3-4 times and said she was happy each time, he said she
was even sitting on her carpet during the lesson- listening!
My baby is growing up way too fast!

Feb 6, 2010

Need to Brag!

This picture was taken in Yosemite by one of our dear friends,
Kris Hyer, no need to tell you how talented he is! Proof!
His wife sent me this picture that he took while they were
in Yosemite on a birthday trip. Happy Belated birthday Kris- and Marie,
you are one lucky woman to have this talented photographer as your side kick!
p.s. - It is titled- "Heaven on Earth"- so true it looks Celestial to me :)

Feb 5, 2010

Prayer Request

Please pray for this sweet family! Their youngest son drown in the bathtub Saturday and his health is starting to decline.