Mar 26, 2010

Strawberry Social

The ladies that visit teach me had a "strawberry social" this month
for all of the girls they visit. We had everything from strawberry lemonade,
strawberry and nutella crepes, strawberry salsa to strawberry cream cheese cookies.
I made these cookies for the social. They turned out yummy- and pretty too!

Mar 16, 2010

Sew Fun!

Heather and her girls came for a visit from Utah.
One of the things we love to do when we get together is something crafty.
We decided to sew twirl skirts for the girls, I just love this pattern, I don't think
you could make an ugly skirt. My new sewing maching does some pretty cute stitches. I did a decorative stitch around the bottom of the skirt instead of doing bias tape. Jaidyn loves her skirt. I am going to try to get one
made for Meghan this week.

Mar 8, 2010

California Fun!

We (Jaidyn, Meghan and I) had a fun filled weekend
in California. It is always nice to go back and visit friends. We don't do it nearly often enough. Friday as soon as I got into town I drove over to John and Kathys house and within minutes we were seeing lots of great friends. It kind of made me "homesick." Friday night some of us girls got together and went out to dinner at Olive Garden (no pic- darn)! Saturday some of us got together and went to Pleasanton for the day shopping and eating! Saturday night I took Jessica, Jared, Jenna & Jocelyn and we went over to Cindy and Justins for some great food and even better company! Justin is starting a rub business and I got to try out his new rubs! YUM!!! He is presenting to Costco this week- Good Luck! I would definitely buy all of the ones I tasted, he put some on elk that made it taste like a Fillet Mignon. My Ca. friends are awesome and I love spending time with them! Girls- now it is your turn for a visit.
And a HUGE thank you to Trent for watching Jaidyn so us ladies could go to dinner! Jaidyn loves her uncle Trent and Aunt Nancy!Jaidyn and Jared- after bath.

Meghan and Jenna
Trampoline Fun!
Kissy, kissy- Brody don't be jealous-
Jocelyn- or Fredetta as Barry calls her- holding a new puppy
Jaidyn- checking out the puppies

Great Friends!

Look Away!

oh, yea- great food!

To die for yogurt!
One gREat weekend!

Mar 7, 2010

Nolans' Baptism

Nolan, one of Latons friends was baptized on Friday. Laton was able to give the talk on baptism. We are very proud of Nolan for making this great decision.

Mar 3, 2010

Christmas in March!

What could possibly be better than Christmas in March? That is what today felt like. Marie's, who's married to the talented photographer that took the pictures I posted of Yosemites, father makes beautiful glass jewelry! I had told her around Christmas how beautiful the pieces were and how lucky she was to have such a talented father. Well, Marie made sure she got me a custom made neckalace from her father. I love, love, love it. As you can see I believe the Hyer children are blessed- they have talent running in their DNA! Too bad AnMarie is so much older than Logan :)
Laton asked me where I got my necklace and when I told him- he said Wow, they must really like you- that looks VERY expensive!


Jaidyn's 18 Month Stats

20.13 lbs.
30 inches- short
Doing Great!

Mar 1, 2010

Buying Candy

Barry had to run to the store tonight to get some ketchup for dinner. He asked Jaidyn if she would like to go and of course she answered- "I go bye bye daddy!" She ran to her room and grabbed her coat and a handful of change. She handed Barry the coat to put on and he asked her what was in her hand, she opened her hand and she had .56. Boy she is learning young. So, Barry and Jaidyn went the Maverick by themselves. They came home with ketchup and 2 sticks of Starburst candy. One for Jaidyn and one for sissy! Barry said when they walked by the candy isle her eyes got really big. Barry asked her if she wanted some candy and she got so excited she just kept walking up and down the isle looking at all the different candies. She would touch one and then walk a little further and touch another one.

My First Pigtails

Yesterday for church I decided to try to put pigtails in Jaidyn's hair. They looked so cute! I can't believe she finally has enough hair to put back. She only pulled them out once!

Snow Fun in Tahoe

Over President's weekend we went to Tahoe with the Tilby Family.
We have been doing this for about 5 years now- maybe longer- who's counting?
On Friday we met them up at Mount Rose to ski for the day. Laton
participated in the 4-H program this year- so he skis for 6 weeks during the season.
We get to ski for 20.00 if we go up with his group that day.
It was well worth the 20.00. We actually put Meghan in lessons and she really
took to skiing this year. She has never liked it in the past, but this year she loved it.
She did great on the lift and going down the beginner slopes! YEA!
Friday was actually my birthday and-of course - Nancy had made me a beautiful
birthday cake to celebrate that night. Barry got me an Ipod touch for my b-day
and I am sad to say I still haven't set it up :(
Saturday we hung out and played games while the kids built runs in the yard to
snowboard down. They spent almost the entire day in the snow!
Saturday night Trent took us out to dinner at the Blue Agave- a Mexican
restaurant he had seen on his way in. It was great food- but even greater
company! Sunday morning Barry and Trent took Taylor Ann and Logan over to
Heavenly for the day to snowboard with the Gauthiers and Falkes. Everyone joined us
Sunday night for dinner at our cabin- sad I didn't get any pictures- I was too excited
catching up with my friends! Logan went back to stay at Heavenly with the Gauthiers and skiied on Monday. We took the rest of the kids and dropped them off at Homewood on Monday to ski! It was nice to stay 2 miles from a ski resort that was nice an quaint. They kids had a great day skiing and snowboarding there. When we were pulling out to leave on Monday- Barry asked "when is our next vacation planned for?" Tells you how much he enjoys their company!
Meghan in lessons

Landon and Jaidyn- she did not want to be touched

Meghan and Ashlyn

Weston and Landon
Valentines presents!

Taylor Ann- no crashes this year

Nancy getting in on the action

Laton- Nice

Logan getting air

wow Dallin!

Nancy, Taylor Ann and Ashlyn


taking the kids for a much needed walk

our protector- he was there when we came and there when we left!