Oct 30, 2009

Angora Lake

Last week Jaidyn and I went on a hike with the Huessers and Creswells. We hiked up to Angora Lake. It is beautiful up there! Here are a few pictures from our trip. On the drive up once you turn off the main road the single lane road that leads up the the trail is very bumpy and windy. Paula, being the experienced driver that she is drove fast and crazy up and down this road. It felt like we were on a roller coaster. The kids had a blast, including Jaidyn. She was laughing harder than I have ever heard her laugh before. I was actually excited to see if she would think the ride down the road was as thrilling, she did. Thanks for the invite Paula! We had a blast!

Jaidyn took a tumble right when we got out of the car. She got a pretty good goose egg on her head and scraped up her knees and nose :(

Meghans Cheer Competition

Here are some pics from Meghans cheer competition. Her squad didn't place, but did a great job. The video is from when they performed for us at the football game, they wouldn't let us film the competition. Here she is with rags in her hair, we rag curled it!

Logans Deer!

Barry and Mark took Logan last weekend to see if he could kill his buck. Here are pics from his successful hunt! He had a blast! He was fortunate to have a professional guide to help him find this great buck.

Logan with Mark

Logan with his proud father!

Meghans Birthday Party

Here are some cute pics from Meghans birthday party she had with her friends!i made her a rainbow cake-it doesn't look nearly as cute in the pics

Oct 24, 2009

Show me a Sign

Jaidyn, showing some signs

You might need a translator if you can't speak gibberish

Oct 23, 2009

Adelyn Marie is Here!

My brother Jared and his wife Aubrey welcomed their little girl Adelyn yesterday! She weighed in at 8lbs. 2 oz. and is 21 inches long! That is one big baby, especially considering Aubrey is so small! She did an amazing job, Jared is so proud of her!It is time honey!
Proud papa

One cute family!
Adelyn Marie
Giving us a wink!
Text messages between Jared (J)-and I (I)
Call from Jared 8:00 a.m.- My wife is in labor....
(I)- 8:39 a.m.- Do u want me to call anyone?
(J)- 8:40 a.m.- Not yet
(I)- 10:08 a.m.- how is everthing going?
(J)- 10:11 a.m.- Well
(I)- 10:12 a.m.- how far dialated?
(J)- 10:13 a.m.- Haven't checked yet- Was a 3 when we came in.
(J)- 10:40 a.m.- Going well. We're in active labor. I'm feeding ice chips. Epidural is coming.
(I)- 11:51 a.m.- update?
(J)- 11:53 a.m.- Resting. Epidurals Rock!
(J)- 12:35 p.m.- She's at a 4 and 90 percent effaced
(I)- 12;36 p.m. - YEA!
(I)- 2:04 p.m. How is everything going?
(J)- 2:09 p.m.- 100 percent effaced, only at 5 cm. It's taking it's time.
(I) 3;27 p.m. How is everything going?
(J)- 3:47 p.m.- We've moved into a delivery room. Contractions are starting to come more often and stronger.
(J)- 4:18 p.m. We re at a 7! Hopefully only 3 to 4 more hours!
(I)- 4:53 p.m.- It is taking forever, how is Aub. doing?
(J)- 4:54 p.m.- she's dialated to over 7. We're thinking 2 or 3 more hours! She's doing great. Sleeping right now.
(I)- 5:12 p.m.- Let her get as much sleep as possible, pushing is really hard work. How r u holding up?
(J)- 5:14 p.m.- Nervous, Scared, But doing good. Calm too. Depends on the moment. It's awesome. Can't wait to see my little girl and get to hold her.
(I)- 5;15 p.m.- i am so proud of you. You are going to be an awesome father.
(J) 5:15 p.m. -Hope so
(I)- 8:04 p.m.- how is everything going?
(J)- Pic of Adelyn Marie!
(I)- 8:46 p.m.- She is Beautiful!
(I)- 8:53 p.m. Send more pics when you get a chance
(J)- 8:56 p.m. -She got cut pretty bad!
(I)- 8:57 p.m. That is because the baby is huge!
(J)- 7:13 a.m.0 you can see pictures of our baby on my facebook.
(I)- 7:38 a.m.- I will look right now.
(I)- 7:38 a.m.how is the nursing going?
(J)- 7:41 a.m.- Awesomely! Fontunately Aubrey was blessed with some big... and it looks like her milk was all ready in! Doesn't even hurt! Baby is a pig!
(I)- 7:42 a.m.- yes. Does the baby have any hair?
(J)- 7:46 a.m. -Tons of dark brown and curly
(I) - 7:49 a.m.- I just saw all your pics. I can't believe how big she is. She is adorable. how is aub. feeling?
(J) 7:56 a.m.- She's still hurting and really tired.
(I)- 8:02 a.m.- Who does she look like?
(J)- new pic of Adelyn
(J)- 8:06 a.m.- Got me... Ive never been able to figure that one out with any baby.
(I)- Just a little advice, buy your wife flowers today and write her a card and let her know how amazing she is.
(J)- 8:08 a.m.- Done! I had all ready planned to get her flowers today, I told her i needed to go to our apartment later.
(I)- 8:35 a.m.- Awesome, YOU ROCK!
(I)- 10:25 a.m.- make sure she puts ice down there it will help alot, does she have any stitches?
(J)- 10:39 a.m.- Yeah she does. And we just put ice on her.
(J)- 12:20 p.m.- Did you give your kids the hep b shots at birth?
(I)- 12:22 p.m.- Yep
(J)- 12:23 p.m. Is it important? Don't they get sick?
(I)- 12;26 p.m. They don't have any side effects, it is better to get the vac than to get hep
(Aubrey)- 8;19 p.m. It's going really well, jare is with Addie and I think she is getting her hep b shot right now.
(Aubrey)- picture of baby!
(I) 8:16 p.m.- How is everything going? Text me a pic
8:22 p.m. - i am alright, my stomach sort of hurts and definitley still sore, other than that i am just fine :)
(I)- 8:19 p.m.- How r u?
(I)- *:21 p.m.- I love her cheeks- i want to kiss them
(Aubrey)- 8;22 p.m. - Haha I know they are so loveable
(I)- Aren't u glad she is here? It is an amazing experience!
(Aubrey)- 8;24 p.m.- It sure is, it still feels sureal that she is my baby sometimes thought, Maybe cus I didn't really get to see her comeout. But she is just wonderful!

Oct 19, 2009

I heart my RS Pres., V.Teacher/ Friend!

We went to the Creswells for dinner yesterday- which by the way was DELISH! After dinner Barry and I took a quiz on "how well you date your wife." We had many great laughs at our own expense and decided on the way home we really need to work on our "dating." I am just as much as at fault as Barry, when asked the question - "How many dates have you went on in the last 52 weeks (by yourself)?- and your answer is 0- wow we really need to get out more- by ourselves! I have a really hard time leaving Jaidyn- but have decided we need to start leaving her with sitters! So, as soon as football is out of the way we are going to get back to our Date Nights- alone!

Oct 12, 2009

The Ely Hunt!

Bill, Logan & Barry
Dakota, Bill and Logan

Watching movies and relaxing after a long hard day of hunting.

Everyone decided to take a ride on the Mule and Logan and Dakota were on the back. This is what they looked like when the ride was over! Do you believe this is dusty country?

Barry was giving one horse water and the other horse would try to catch the falling water drops.

This is the bull elk they saw. Barry could have killed it with an arrow if he had a tag.

Camp- notice the cow in front of the door. Barry said he had put out the big rug and the cows came and slept on it during the day. These are just blm free range cows.

This is what the country looked like, Barry said it is totally different than anywhere he has hunted before.
Taking a rest
When Logan saw this picture he said- "that shirt is really warm" My son looks so grown up hunting with dad. I can remember when he was about 4 years old and he would cry when we would go to Idaho and Barry would leave us to go hunt. He would say I just want to go. Well now it is Laton asking when can I go? So fun to be building these memories with our children and family members.

Barry and Logan went on their much anticipated hunt to Ely Nevada. Barry and Logan had both drawn buck tags in that area. Some of their friends, Mark and Dakota, had also drawn tags for that area. The hunted their hind ends off and came home empty handed. Not for lack of trying! They had a great time together hiking, riding horses and scouting for deer. At one point they saw a really big Bull Elk. They got to hear the Bull Elk bugle, which they both said would make the hair on your arms stand up. Barrys brother, Bill, was able to join in on the hunt as well. He came from Idaho and brought horses (which made the hunt much easier). Logan thinks his uncle Bill is hilarious! He loves to spend time with him. I am thankful they were able to spend this week together. Logans friend Dakota killed a nice buck, he and his dad were hunting about 4-5 miles from where Barry and Logan had set up camp. Dakotas dad is a guide, so he had the upper hand!

Oct 5, 2009

While Dad is Away......the Kids WILL stray......

To my bed that is!Above is a picture of Meghan in my bed- she appeared about 12:30 a.m. notice her feet are under the pillow.
Jaidyn- laying in MY spot! notice she is upside down as also. She got in my bed around 1:00 a.m.

Here they both are- Jaidyn on left and Meghan on the right! As you will probably guess I didn't get much sleep last night. Laton wanted to join us around 5:30- but I sent him back to his room.