Jan 25, 2011

Jaidyn Reciting the 1st Article of Faith

Jan 17, 2011

Another Great Hunt at The Vivian!

It has become a tradition for Barry to take the boys to Sacramento to hunt "The Vivian" duck club. Barry is good friends with the owner and he has open the club every year for Barry to hunt since Logan was about 2 or 3. When Logan turned 4 he started going, Barry would take a space heater and Logan learned early he needed to sit quietly for hours if he wanted to be able to go. So, the first few years Logan would sleep, eat and watch as Barry hunted ducks. He could hardly wait until he got his liscense and was able to hunt with dad. I have heard that Logan is a pretty good shot and has been known to outshoot his dad a time or two. This year Logan was able to notice some things that Laton was doing in his shooting that could be perfected on.- so he worked with Laton on the first day of the hunt and Laton got his limit of ducks for the first time! It is very pleasing to see one help the other :) They all look forward to this trip. It is a great place to hunt ducks! They limited out the first day, and managed to get 4 or 5 the second. It is a great bonding time for the boys. Although, Meghan has warned that as soon as she is legal, she will be joining the trip. We have lots of ducks in our freezer and Barry is going to jerky some of them.

Jan 4, 2011

One of Logans touchdowns this Season #85

Laton Made the Basketball team!

We were so proud of Laton for making the basketball 7th grade team this year. They had 24 boys try out and only kept 12. He was a starter and did a great job. He got the "3Point King" award at the end of the season. Way to go Laton!

Baby Shower & Cali Weekend!

i went to cali. for a girls weekend. we had a great time. john and barry were out of town, so jill and i threw cindy a baby shower. we had a blast casting her belly. jared and jaidyn developed a love/hate relationship. they didn't want to be away from each other, but didn't want to share either. lisa came through once again with a darling cake! it was really good to see old friends i hadn't seen in a while. jill even treated cindy and i to a movie, that was the first movie i had been to in over 6 months, boy i need to get out more! thanks girls for a great weekend!

Thanksgiving 2010

We had the Dayley family join us for Thanksgiving this year. I love spending time with Jenny and her family. When we lived in Visalia we were very close to her family. They are like family to us. We also got to see and visit with Jon, Marilyn, Eric and Ang. They came the day after Thanksgiving to go to the Boise State Football game with us. We had a great time. This was the first Boise State game I had been too and I am now a true fan! The Boise fans are true blue- literally :0) I was sad they lost- darn! It was still a great experience! We will have to go to the next game that is close by!