Mar 31, 2009

Latons Picture of Historic Dayton Nevada

Laton went for a walk with his class to take pictures. The school is having a picture contest. The kids are suppossed to try and capture pictures that represent historical Dayton. This was his favorite picture. I dont' know if you can tell or not, but along the river their are two geese. For those of you who know Laton, know that he would probably have some kind of wildlife in his picture. :) I let him play with the picture on pic nic. I thought he did a great job!

Mar 30, 2009


Meghan came home from school the other day and asked if I could buy some Spaghettio's. I was shocked as we have never had those before. Just not something I have bought in the past- I am not big on canned food. I bought a few cans and she had to have some when she got home from school that same day. I decided they were soft enough for Jaidyn to try as well. As you can see from the pics Jaidyn LOVED them. At one point she was sucking on the tray of the high chair to get more in her mouth. She would also stick her entire hand in her mouth- so cute.
You can also see in Meghan's picture that she is missing 3 teeth. They all fell out within 1 month of each other. 2 of them fell out within a day of each other. She also has 2 more that are loose. She loves the toothfairy to come visit! But sometimes that darn toothfairy takes a few days to remember! Mom and dad have to send her (toothfairy) an email to see about when she is going to be this way! They (toothfairies) travel much slower in the colder weather! :)

Mar 25, 2009

Surprise in the Mail!

When I went to get the mail today we had a surprise Easter package from Grandma Cindi! The kids weren't home yet so I thought I would let Jaidyn open it first and then we would put it back together. Jaidyn loved playing with the Easter Grass and she found a favorite "Sea Egg" that she would not part with! So much for acting like it hadn't been opened when the other kids got home. They were still very excited.

Inside the basket were eggs that were shaped like sea creatures, they were the cutest thing I have ever seen. Jaidyn loved the orange one with the star on it.

Meghan couldn't resist putting the grass on Jaidyn's head. She just laughed and laughed!

She also sent bubbles that were scented. Jaidyn kept trying to grab the bubbles. She would get a very worried look on her face when they would pop in her hand.
My kids are pumped up for Easter now! I love this time of year, almost as much as I love Christmastime! The flowers are blooming and the weather is starting to get a little warmer. During this next month we will Celebrate Christ overcoming Death, and the pricipal that we will all one day live again!

Mar 24, 2009

Shabby Baby Girl Picture Princess Contest

Shabby Apple is having a baby girl photo contest. They have the cutest little girls dresses! I just found them through a relatives blog as I was searching for easter dresses for Meghan and Jaidyn. I think Jaidyn would look adorable in this colorful dress: "little girls and girls dresses from Shabby Baby" I personally think Jaidyn should be the next Shabby Baby- she is adorable and full of personality! She smiles constantly. Take a look at their dresses. You can even get matching dresses for your little girls! Some of the dresses have womens dresses that match as well. I couldn't believe how reasonably they are priced as well. Let me know what you think! Here is the home page so you can take a look!

Mar 21, 2009

Not So Springy!

Well I believe I spoke too soon. I thought we were going to start having spring like weather, today we woke up to a nice 49 degrees with hopes of 65-70 degree baseball weather. By the time baseball started at 11:00 the wind was blowing 40mph and it felt like winter. Logan played in a double header baseball game today, in the first game we won by the 10 run rule. In the second game at the top of the 7th inning the score was 10 Lowry 3 Dayton. We came back and won 12-10, the boys did awesome. Their were quite a few boys hit by the pitcher today- and I know it was partly because of the wind. I was glad to see the boys do so well, when we played this team in the scrimmage games to start the season I sat next to the team while I was keeping score and the boys and coach of this team were talking about how we "blow"- which I assumed meant we sucked!
At one point during the game Meghan and I were watching birds trying to fly and they weren't moving due to the wind blowing so hard. While Barry and I were watching Logan play baseball all day- Laton was spending his day with the Scouts aerating lawns. We dropped him off at the church at 8:00 a.m. and I am posting at 7:00 p.m. and he just called to tell us he only has a few more left to do. Needless to say, he will sleep well tonight.
Well, I was looking forward to wearing a springy dress tomorrow but I checked the weather and it is suppossed to snow. Guess we will have to keep out the warm clothes a little while longer. I am glad for the snow though, it helps cut down on the dust- something I need to get used to.

Mar 19, 2009

Spring is Here!!!

I had to add this pic, you can see the roll on her neck!

Yesterday it was 68 degrees in Dayton. It was t-shirt weather. We were so excited. I had to put something springy on Jaidyn. However, when we got to Logans baseball game we had to bundle up because the stands are in the shade.

Mar 17, 2009

hmmm...What to do for Volume???

Trying to add some volume The result :)

Jaidyn finally has maybe 100 hairs that are about 2 inches long. They are very light so it doesn't look like she has any. We decided after her bath tonight that we would see if we could help her.

I couldn't resist suggesting this for March's Visiting Teaching Message :)

Mar 16, 2009

I Want........... to hold me!

Jaidyn started reaching for people about a month ago. Of course, at first she was only reaching for me. The kids all had to prove that she would reach for them as well. What you don't see in these pics is that after they pick her up, she turns an reaches for me :) Logan


Mar 10, 2009

Pie in a Jar

Ready to go..
Before Baking...

We have a young women in our ward that is fighting cancer at St. Judes right now. Tomorrow night at the high school they are holding a spaghetti feed and a baked goods sale. I made these cute pies in a jar to sell. They turned out so cute and very yummy!

Mar 9, 2009

8 Things Tag

I have been tagged- I am not very good at this- seeing that my memory is shot! Here we go-

8 Things

8 favorite TV shows
1. Deserving Design (HGTV)
2. Design on a Dime (HGTV)
3. Divine Design (HGTV)
4. House Hunters (HGTV)
5. Extreme Home Makeover
6. ManVs. Wild
7. SurvivorMan
8. 24

8 things I look forward to.....
1. Getting back in shape- any of you Dayton residents let me know if you want to join me. I can write up a mean workout :)
2. baseball season
3. Going to visit family this year
4. Finishing BofM with family
5. Vacationing with our great friends this summer
6. going to Ca. for Logans Eagle Court of Honor
7. Logan starting to drive
8. Creating new friendships in our new area

8 favorite places to eat....
1. P.F. Changs
2. Texas Roadhouse
3. Reds (Carson City)
4. Olive Garden
5. Any Great Sushi place
6. Claim Jumpers
7. On the Warf in Monterey
8. Little Caesars (HaHa)

8 things on my wishlist....
1. To go on a family vacation monthly
2. Go to the temple once a month (Jaidyn threw a wrench in this) :)
3. Be a better mother and wife
4. To have more patience
5. To live a long healthy life
6. To do something daily to move His work forward
7. Learn how to use my camera and take fabulous pics
8. Be a good example to those around me

8 Favorite Movies...
1. Saints and Soldiers
2. Along Came Polly
3. Erin Brockovich
4. Dying Young
5. Steel Magnolias
6. My Best Friends Wedding
7. Mary Poppins
8. Pretty Women

8 people I tag...
1. Jill (come on step outside the box)
2. Rozanne
3. Kristy
4. Heather
5. Aubrey
6. Meghan
7. Stephanie C.
8. Jared

Have fun!

Mar 8, 2009

Scheels- Largest Sporting Goods Store in the Nation!

I wanted to get pics of Barry and Meghan on the Ferris Wheel. Logan and I were looking at new bats and we heard someone whistling at us. Barry had the camera- so instead of us getting a pic of them on the ferris wheel they got a pic of us looking at bats.
Laton was tall enough to drive one of the race cars. He did pretty well, although I am glad he will not be driving anytime soon- he made me sick! We crashed quite alot. He had a blast.

Meghan was a ride along for Logan- Logan was a great driver and Meghan enjoyed the ride.

Right when you walk in their is a giant fish tank that arches and you walk under it.

Getting ready to go. Meghan wanted to take some pics.

We went to Scheels after baseball on Sat. We had heard how awesome this place was- but you can't quite comprehend how awesome until you visit. They have a ferris wheel in the center of the store! We spent 4 1/2 hours looking, playing and eating. It is the perfect store for any sports enthusiast! You name it they have it. The kids enjoyed hours of virtual hunting, golf, baseball, football, basketball, simulated race car rides and last but not least ferris wheel rides. We had a great day as a family.

Opening Day of High School Baseball

Logan had his first high school baseball game on Sat. This was the first pitch he threw for the game. We were surprised to see him pitch- seeing he hasn't picked up a baseball since last season. We played Carson City and Churchill, both of which are much larger schools than ours. We hung right in there. He played 2 games for JV and 1 game for Varsity. I can’t believe it is all ready baseball season. Laton had try-outs on Sat. so we will find out this week what team he is drafted to play for. He wants to play for the Yankees (he heard they were the best). We will have to see. Meghan is going to start tumbling again this week. She is pretty excited.