Aug 18, 2010

My Baby Turns 2!

Some things about Jaidyn:
She loves to be read and sung to.
She loves her family.
She talks nonstop, their isn't anything she can't repeat :)
She has been potty trained for about 4 months all ready.
She loves to go shopping- she brings her purse and money.
She loves nursery- she calls it her class.
She loves to carry around baby dolls and her pacie.
Yes, she still sucks a pacie :(
She sleeps right between mom and dad.
My room is her room.
She is a great traveler!
She loves food.
She is small for her age- I believe she weighs around 23-24 lbs.
She LOVES fish!
Her favorite song is Slippery Fish.
She would wear her tuna fish panties everyday if I didn't hide them.
She says the cutest prayer you have ever heard.
She calls her dad everyday on the phone to see how he is doing.
She loves her grandparents!
She can count to 14 without help.
She can say her ABC's
She loves the color pink.
She is a shoe fanatic- go figure :)
She is a cuddlebug.
Bubba is her favorite.
She is a mammas girl- to the bone!
She brings lots of joy to our family.

Aug 16, 2010

Cynthia and Sarah come to visit!

Ruth and Cliff stopped by for a visit as well.

Late nights, girly talks and sleepovers on the floor.
Abbie painting my toenails.
Scheels of course!

Sidewalk chalk
washing cars
Season Finale of Bachlorette
Oh Yea, Lake Tahoe

Trying to throw Cynthia in.


Good Talks


Aug 14, 2010

Our Visit to Heathers!

We stayed at Heathers while Logan was at EFY. We had a great time. We took the kids to Paysons waterpark a few times, went to Thanksgiving Point, Shopped and ate good food. Jaidyn enjoyed riding the pony.
Feeding the lamas

Heather, Cynthia and I took the kids to Thanksgiving Point and went to the animal farm.
Can't leave the grocery store without Ivy riding the race car.
All the kids enjoyed chasing the chickens, Jaidyn would follow them around until they lost her.
This is an oldtime phone booth at the coolest toy store you have ever seen. They had every toy you could think of.