Jun 24, 2010

Cancun Days 4-8 (Finally)

Day 4-Zip Line- We went to a Zip Line Ecological Park, we rode from platform to platform, what a blast. We went to the Beach Palace for dinner at the Outdoor Steakhouse, YUM- best Ahi I have eaten.

Safety First!

Day 5- Cozumel, Playa, snorkling, pool volleyball, beautiful oceans, great food entertaining cab rides. We took a taxi to Playa, had breakfast at the Palace Resort there, took the ferry over to Cozumel, walked through town to get to the Cozumel Palace Resort and spent the day in Cozumel. We had a blast. Nancy and Trent help pull me out of my comfort zone, but I always have a great time.
After the Broadway Show- Goofing off

Beach at Cozumel - the water was beautiful
Snorkling- so Beautiful This is Castro. He was our cab driver- he drove us from the Palace Resort in Playa back to the Moon Palace. He could speak little English, Nancy LOVES to talk to everyone everywhere we go. So about 10 minutes into the ride, Nancy starts tapping on his shoulder saying "Fidel, Fidel." He turns around with an odd look on his face and I lean over and tell Nancy his name is Castro- He said- oh, Fidel Castro muy mal. We all got a good laugh, luckily Castro was a good sport about it. Day 6- Isle Mujeres, boat rides, dolphins, laying by the pool, resort to ourselves, more great food, cheesecake, Brazillian restaurant

Boat ride over to Isle Mujeres (Very Entertaining)

No- We did not fit into that car! When the taxi showed up I said "We asked for a car for 4??? "

We spent the day on Isle Mujeres. We took the boat ride over and then got a taxi to the Palace Resort located on Isle Mujeres. It was wonderful!!! We had a great relaxing day.

We were 4 of only 12 guests at the entire resort. You can say we were waited on hand and foot! They were begging to serve us.

Day 7- Riding Bikes, playing in the arcade, pool volleyball (Beach Palace), dinner at the Golf Course, Mayan Show.

Dance, dance
Before we left for the Beach Palace we played video games in the arcade (yep, kids at heart) then we rode bikes around.

Stealing our thunder

We spent the afternoon at the Beach Palace, this picture was taken from the top floor. They had a mirage pool and bar up there. We went down to the main pool and got a volleyball game going, by the 3rd game it was standing room only. Nancy and I bailed out and ate lunch.

We got alot of laughs at Catman : oui oui

Everytime Trent saw a chefs hat while we were on vacation- we ate- Yea we ate alot!
We watched the Mayan show after dinner at the delicious Oriental Restaurant

Swing dancing our last night away :(
Day 9- Goodbye! Can't wait to see my kids!