Sep 18, 2010

Logans 80 Yard Touchdown!

Logan made the 11 o'clock news with his 80 yard touchdown! Go Devils! He is playing Varsity Football for the Dayton Dustdevils this year. He is a starting wide receiver. Funny to see how much fun he is having, considering we had to force him to play :)

Sep 7, 2010

Stat Time Again!

I did this previously in April and had thought about doing it every six months, however, last night I was helping Logan clean out his drawers and after seeing a pile of about 25 shirts that were too small for him I decided it was time. I couldn't believe that shirts I bought him in the spring were now to small. Another kicker- the other day Laton was standing beside me and said "hey mom, I think I am taller than you", Yep he was! So here are the kids stats!
Logan- Age 16 years 1 month- 6' (yep he is officially 6'tall)- 89th percentile
136 lbs- 51st percentile
Laton- 13 years 4 months- 5'3 1/2"- 61st percentile
95lbs- 30th percentile
Meghan- 8 years 11 months 4'6"- 76th percentile
63 lbs.- 55th percentile
Jaidyn- 2 years 1 month 33"- 52nd percentile
23 lbs- 13th percentile
Yea! they are all growing like weeds!