Apr 29, 2010

Just HOW big is that truck?

Apr 28, 2010

Laton turns 13!

Laton turned 13 on April 19th and Barry turned 45 on April 22nd. Another year older and wiser! On Latons' birthday we had angel food cake and whip cream icing, with strawberries on top. It is kind of sad that Laton and Logan don't like me to decorate cakes for them anymore. Good thing we had Jaidyn :) Laton taught Jaidyn how to blow out the candles and we had to hold her back to get all 13 lit so we could sign.

Apr 19, 2010


i saw this on another blog and liked the idea :0) thanks Chrissy!
Logan- 15 years 9 months
5'10 1/2"- 79%
132 lbs. 49%
Laton- 13 years
5'2 1/2"- 61%
89lbs.- 25%
Meghan- 8 years 7 months
4'6"- 83%
63 lbs.- 57%
Jaidyn- 20 months
30 1/2 inches- 5th%
21.5 lbs- 5th%

Apr 15, 2010

Surprise Visit from the Tilby's

On the last day of our trip in Idaho I got a surprise message from Nancy. They spent spring break in Utah and were planning on coming to our house on Saturday to spend the night and go to church with us on Sunday. I left Idaho early Saturday morning and got home about 1 hour after the Tilbys had arrived. I was happy to see Barry had cleaned up the "bachelor pad" :) From what I hear their were a bunch of boys hanging out at our house for the week I was gone. Of course, we stayed up late playing games and catching up and they stayed for a few hours after church to play games before heading home. Neither one of had thought they might have to drive home in bad weather! It took them about 7 hours to get home because of the snow. They had to chain up and were almost hit by a sliding car on the drive home. We were glad we got to spend some time with their family.

Nancy and I were the GRAND CHAMPIONS in Sequence!!! The
men were a little distraught to say the least :)
Landon gave Jaidyn a Big squeeze in the bathtub.

Apr 14, 2010

Idaho Fun for Spring Break

Marilyn and Carol being cool :)

we made these cute picture boards.

Ang and I
this was taken at 1 a.m.
The Girls!
James just couldn't resist

Jon and Marilyn took us all to the PBR. We had a great time. It brought back memories of Barrys' rodeo days

Booklyn making funny faces during our "spa day" Angie works at this super cool place that is like a spa. We went and had many treatments that were amazing. First I did a Hydration Station. It is kindof like a tanning bed you lay in and it steams your body. Then I went to the hydro massage table, this is what Jenny is laying on in this pic. It gives you a massage using water. Then I went into a tanning bed that wraps around your body and has lamps to tan your entire body. Then I had a mystic tan. Boy I came out feeling like a new lady!!! After our spa trip, Heidi and Marilyn took the little girls out to lunch and Jenny and I went and got our hair cut. We came out looking like twins. A few people asked if we were. :) That night Angie colored Jenny and I's hair. We were truly pampered!!!
Jaidyn fell asleep on the four-wheeler!
Meghan let the calves suck on her fingers- Jaidyn was scared to death.

Jenny tried to coax Jaidyn into touching a calf.

Heidi feeling right at home :)

Caden playing trucks with Jaidyn

Some things I didn't get pictures of from the week- Laton and Meghan both driving quads. they had a blast! They have trails on their property that the kids ride all over. We had a surprize birthday party for Heidi. It was hard to pull off- but we did it. I almost had to show up in my pj's to keep it under wrap! Laton and Meghan got to spend the night with their good friends Cameron and Kylie. They moved from Nevada to Caldwell last year. We got to see Kristin and her kids. We got to meet Angies husband Eric- he is a huge hit with the kids! Laton wants to be just like him. We had a great visit with our Dear Friends. We stayed up late catching up and played hard all day.

Apr 12, 2010

Cruizin' on Faith

Heather and I had taken a little trip to Reno for lunch and shopping. We were on the way home, heading for Virginia City when we realized we were almost out of gas. We were a little past the "point of no return" when we realized we had 3 miles until empty. We were a little scared being we had 3 little girls with us and no cell phone service. Needless to say we prayed every mile or so. We went about 6 miles uphill after the car read 0 miles until empty. We practically rolled into the gas station in VC!!! We had angels watching over us that day!

Apr 5, 2010

Baseball in Full Swing!

Logan is playing Varsity Baseball this year. We thought he was going to play JV on the weekdays and Varsity on the weekends, but now he is only playing Varsity. He is having a great season so far! He really loves the game.

Jaidyn loves all the exploring during the games. After the first game when we got home
Logan asked me to please watch Jaidyn closely so she doesn't get hit by a foul ball.