Apr 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Laton

Laton turns 14 today! Wow, the times has flown by~ so here are 14 things we love about Laton~ 1. He is a hard-worker. 2. He loves to tell stories. 3. He loves little kids and is very kind to them. 4. He loves to spend time outdoors. 5. If you ask him to try his hardest~ that is what you will get. 6. He is always smiling. 7. He has a big heart~ he always want to help those in need. 8. He cares about others feelings, and tries to cheer up those that are sad. 9. He fulfills his callings without being reminded 100 times. 10. He loves his family. 11. He is a good friend. 12. He wants to take care of me when I am older;) 13. He helps us teach Jaidyn things she needs to learn. 14. He tries hard to do the right thing, and when he doesn't he isn't afraid to admit his wrongdoings and try harder! We love you Laton!


John and Jill said...

What a great kid!

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