Aug 18, 2011

It is Stat Time Again

Just took all my kids in for physicals and here are the stats:
Logan~17 years 1 month
Height~ 6'1"~~ 92nd percentile
Weight ~141lbs.~~ 46th percentile

Laton~ 14 years 4 months
Height~ 5'7 1/2"~~ 73rd percentile
Weight~ 106lbs. 30th percentile

Meghan~ 9 years 11 months
Height~ 4'8 1/2"~~ 80th percentile
Weight~ 74lbs.~~ 55th percentile

Jaidyn~ 3years
Height~ 37"~~ 52nd percentile
Weight ~26.5 lbs.~~ 10th percentile

I know you all probably want to hear Barry and I's stats as well~
but that will have to wait for another day~ I am feeling a little bloated;)


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Phi Phi Island said...

You really pay attention to your child .. Interesting. supermom.. hehehehe

svetlozar said...

Interesting blog ;)

Bryant Glenn said...

You really keep records on them, I know your kids will be so happy reading or seeing those, they will even think how attentive their mother is. :)
Thanks for sharing!

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