Aug 17, 2011

Logan Turns 17!!!!

I can't believe Logan is 17! How time flies. I remember the day he was born, I didn't know what I was having and when the doctor told me I had a boy, I was thrilled!!! He was such a sweet baby~ slept all night~ hardly ever cried. He was truly  a blessing to our family. In a little over a year he will be heading to college, I do not look forward to that day.
Things we love about Logan:
His stellar ability to kill anything in site! Seriously he is a great shot!
He uses good language~ I have been told by many of his friends that he never cusses.
He is a good friend
He never talks bad about others
He treats girls with respect
He is athletic
                                                 He develops his talents

He is smart
He is Handsome;)
We are blessed to have Logan in our family!


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J. :) said...

happy birthday at the cute boy ;)

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